What is BUHPC?

BUHPC is Boston University's High Performance Computing oriented student organization. Our goal is to learn and spread knowledge about HPC and compete in various international Student Cluster Competitions

What is HPC?

In essence, it is everything related to computers scaled up to bigger and badder levels than it has ever been before. Large software packages such as molecular dynamics simulations, linear algebra calculations, physics simulations, weather models, and machine learning require huge amounts of fast computation to run effectively. The role of HPC is to choose the right hardware, design fast communication systems between nodes, and find ways to optimize these programs.

How can I get involved?

Visit our Contact Us page! We are currently looking for undergraduate students who are interested in HPC. We are looking for both students with experience and motivated students who want to contribute, regardless of their background.

No! You do not need any prior experience. We will help you learn everything you need to know from the scratch. This is one of the main goals of the club, to tech members details and nuances of the various HPC technologies from scratch. Some prior programing experience will certainly help, but is in no way required. 

Do I need prior experience?

What is the Student Cluster Competitions?

The Student Cluster competition is an annual event where teams from all over the world compete to design, build, and ultimately run codes on a computing cluster. The computing cluster is a multi-core system that can be designed from any type of hardware as long as it fits the constraints given by the competition. With this cluster, we are given a variety of computationally hard programs to optimize and run. All teams compete against each other through a variety of tests such as the linpack benchmark and other benchmarks. For more information, visit: http://www.studentclustercompetition.us

How do you know any of this?

We don't! Well, not all of it. That is why we have so many BUHPC alums and some mentors help us out. Our primary contact is Kurt Keville from MIT who has assisted many teams from the Boston area participate in the SC since its inception two decades ago. He regularly visits our group meetings and gives us the guidance necessary. Various BUHPC alums are responsible for the many workshops and masterclasses we have hosted.